Photo of Maggie McGuire

Maggie McGuire is an editor and writer who splits her time between Detroit and Moab, Utah.

She is the owner and editor-in-chief of the Moab Sun News, a ten-year-old local print newspaper she bought in 2021. She is currently a fellow in the NewStart Program for media entrepreneurs

In a previous life, she led digital strategy campaigns for nonprofits reaching out to thousands of people. Her professional work on such campaigns has been featured on national news outlets like CNN, Bitch Magazine and the Rachel Maddow Show.

Under her own name, she likes to write about stranger things, like having a lamb roast in an abandoned lot in Detroit or hanging out with an elder eco-terrorist. Or media theory, a lot of media theory.

It’s pretty easy to learn more about her by reading articles on here. She’ll probably start a podcast or a newsletter or something soon, that’s what you do these days right?

email her at wearetigers at gmail.com if you must.