Chunks: breaking research down into steps

Maria Popova, who became well-known for being wildly prolific on her Brain Pickings blog, is fascinating. She reportedly reads 15 books a week and publishes three substantive blog posts a day. She says she has an editorial calendar that stretches a year into the future. As someone who is trying to figure out how to […]

Going Public: trying to move from research and contemplation to communicating with others…or whatever.

When I’m excited about the ideas I’m engaging with, I end up revving my engine and getting manic. Everyone that I trust who gets near me gets an earful of the bubbling soup of ideas on my mental stove, as my arguments and ideas get processed. This is fine, but sometimes I don’t move on to doing something with those ideas by putting them in writing or out into the world. That seals my happy brain kitchen off from fresh air, turning my thought process into a pressure cooker.

A new day!

I don’t come from a lot, but I was able to buy the paper through the goodwill and generosity of the former owners and my one chunk of inherited wealth (thanks Mom!). It’s a privilege and, even through I just squeaked it through, I’m so grateful. Now comes a lot of hard work, starting with […]

Notes on Baby Mummy Cave and a strange overlap between ethics, archaeology and policing

Partial and unfinished thoughts on a raid, a legal case and a folktale 11 years on. In 2009, federal and state officials descended on the small town of Blanding in remote southern Utah and arrested 23 residents for allegedly trading in looted Native American artifacts from the area, which is the site of major archaeological […]

“Don’t touch beauty: Ken Sleight still speaks out”

Originally published in the Moab Sun News, Oct. 3, 2019 “I can’t hear, I can’t see and I can’t speak,” Ken Sleight said with a laugh, returning home after feeding the goats at his Pack Creek ranch. “I might not look it, but I can do a hell of a lot,” Sleight said. The legendary […]

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